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Automate Future Notifications and Reminders with Laravel Snooze

Laravel Snooze is a package, which simplifies automating future notifications and reminders in Laravel. The package’s readme has some typical use-cases for this package: Reminder system (1 week before appt, 1 day before, 1 hour before, etc) Follow-up surveys (2

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Role based authorization in React

  Authentication and authorization are both common problems when writing an application. Authentication answers the question, “who are you?”, while authorization answers the question, “are you allowed to see that?” The post suggests simply passing a list of roles that

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Laravel: Fail, Retry, or Delay a queued job from itself

  When creating jobs, listeners, or subscribers to push into the queue, you may start thinking that, once dispatched, you’re all on your own with what the queue worker decides to do with your logic. Well, it’s not that you

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Amazing Features and Updates of Laravel 6

Laravel 6 release includes compatibility with Laravel Vapor, improved authorization responses, job middleware, lazy collections, sub-query improvements, semantic versioning, among many other improvements. Here are some of the new features included in Laravel 6: Semantic Versioning The Laravel framework (laravel/framework)

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Lazy Loading Component Feature

Lazy Loading React Components

  Let’s take a look at how you can leverage this feature in your application in order to improve performance and build a better experience for users. As always, when building with components it’s useful to organize them in a

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Role-based API with Firebase: Deploy and consuming the API from Angular App

  In Our Previous Post about to build the role-based Api with Firebase, we had covered the Role-based Auth, Firebase, Building API and Creating a Firebase HTTP Function. Let’s move on the remaining part of it with this post. Deploy

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How to build a role-based Api with firebase authentication

Introduction Almost every app requires some level of authorization system. In some cases, validating a username/password set with our Users table is enough, but often, we need a more fine-grained permissions model to allow certain users to access certain resources

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Prototyping with Angular

    There are many prototyping tools in the marketplace today, and Angular isn’t one that usually comes to mind. We chose Angular for a few reasons: Reusable code Greentea CRM was built with Angular as its underlying framework. Using Angular

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AdonisJS: Templating, Authentication and Validators

In our previous post about AdonisJS we had covered introduction, installation, modeling, creating and displaying content, creating and deleting task. Let’s move on remaining part of it with this post. A bit of templating Our application is going to grow.

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AdonisJS: A full featured node framework for modern web servers

  Node is becoming one of the most elected choices by developers for modern web servers. You can build web servers in various elegant ways, using up-to-date tools such as ExpressJS. However, a lot of developers had a hard time

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