Mental Math – Arithmetic Games

The Project is about a Mobile Application – Mental Math, for children of present age who are willing to learn math. The application is developed in a very Constructive Environment, with a well performing Tech Stack. The Application is backed by Node Js & MongoDB, and its frontend is supported by React Native. As it is developed on native platform, the app is well versed to run on Android as well as on iOS devices.

The sole & initial aim of this application is to create an innovative and resourceful learning solution to support the prototype shift in the skill level of a student.

The application is developed and updated in different phases, whereas each phase brings up something new and helpful for its target audience. The current version of the application is the resultant output of Phase – 1.

Project Name
Mental Math – Arithmetic Games
Project Type
Mobile App
Difficulties we’ve


There were few technicalities that are amazing considering the project & have tested out our Development Skills but in turn, it allowed us to deliver our users – quality product. To make the UI responsive so that it appears eye-catching in various devices was a challenging task for our team. 

Considering the theme of the application, the number of users are more and to handle their data was bit tricky. But our development team – with their expertise handled this task and developed the desired application.


Our Workflow

The current version works in two step hierarchy i.e. Levels -> Exercises. A user needs to create an account on the application to use it. S/he can access the application by creating an account via existing social media profiles too i.e. Google, Facebook.


Analysis Requirement

Project Analysis & Resource Gathering regarding UI/UX and selection of font family is carried out at this stage.

Design & Development

UI design followed by the development of the application based on the UI is carried out at this stage.

Quality Check

Every APK build was passed by the rigorous quality check based on various Test Case and Use Case.

Achieved what we need

Finally the developed application was built and uploaded on App Store & Play Store.


Tech Stack which made this possible

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Mental Math is built to teach calculation techniques and sharpen the children’s arithmetic skills. It will help them to boost their concentration and enhance their analytical skills. The application offers a child-friendly introduction to the use of Abacus, both the tool and ultimately the mental theory concepts. Thus, maintaining the interest and holistic approach towards learning.

The application is developed to encourage the positive growth in the children of this society, who are the future of this world. It provides a platform to support every child to help them gain arithmetic skills and strengthen their potential to excel, not just in academics, but also to handle various other aspects of life in a smoother, healthier and more positive way.


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