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What will be the best Back End development framework for 2021

What should we learn next? If you are a developer, this question should always be in your mind. Every day, new technologies are introduced and improvements are made to existing ones. Since we can’t learn all these technologies, it is

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What's new in php 8

What’s new in PHP 8

PHP 8 is here! PHP 8 is a new major improved version, which means that it will introduce performance improvements and lots of new features such as the JIT compiler, union types, attributes, and more. New features Let’s start with

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Laravel component Media Library

Media Library can associate files with Eloquent models. You can, for instance, associate images with a blog post model. In your Blade view, you can retrieve URLs to the associated images. It can handle multiple collections, work with multiple filesytems,

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Using Sanctum to authenticate a mobile app

Sanctum is Laravel’s lightweight API authentication package. This tutorial will go over using Laravel Sanctum to authenticate a mobile app. The app will be built in Flutter, Google’s cross-platform app development toolkit. We may skip some implementation details of the

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Laravel 8 is just released!

Laravel 8 is now released and includes many new features including Laravel Jetstream, a models directory, model factory classes, migration squashing, rate-limiting improvements, time testing helpers, dynamic blade components, and many more features. Before we jump into the new features,

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Laravel 7.4 – The latest minor release of Laravel 7

Before we move directly to talk about 7.4 release, let’s go through each of the earlier minor releases of Laravel 7. Laravel 7.1 – Patch to Fix Potential XSS Attacks We will briefly look at the new features in the

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What’s new in Laravel 7

On release of Laravel 7, in our previous post we covered some of the fantastic features such as Laravel Airlock, Custom Eloquent Casts and few more. This post covers the rest of them. Multiple Mail Drivers Laravel 7 allows the

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Laravel 7 is just released!

Laravel 7 continues the improvements made in Laravel 6.x by introducing Laravel Airlock, routing speed improvements, custom Eloquent casts, Blade component tags, fluent string operations, a developer focused HTTP client, first-party CORS support, improved scoping for route model binding, stub

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How to develop multi tenant application using Laravel

If you want to run multiple websites using the same Laravel installation while keeping tenant specific data separated for fully independent multi-domain setups then it is pretty easily possible with this multi-tenant Laravel package. With this package, you can serve

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Automate Future Notifications and Reminders with Laravel Snooze

Laravel Snooze is a package, which simplifies automating future notifications and reminders in Laravel. The package’s readme has some typical use-cases for this package: Reminder system (1 week before appt, 1 day before, 1 hour before, etc) Follow-up surveys (2

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