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How to write smarter routing using Express and Node.js

Express is a web application framework for Node. It provides various features that make web-application development fast and easy, a task that otherwise takes more time when using only Node. There are many ways you can create and manage routes

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Alpha release of Vue 3 – New features at glance

Vue 3 isn’t officially released yet, but the Vue team has released the Alpha version to use some of the features that will be shipped with Vue 3. Setup We’ll use the WebPack-based setup. To do this, clone this repository:

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CodePen is adding the support for Flutter

CodePen, the leading social development environment for millions of front-end developers and designers, is adding support for Flutter! For web developers CodePen has long been a great place for sharing design explorations, new techniques, and ideas. Now with the introduction

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3 easy ways to boost up the performance of your web application

When building a web application, there’s something you absolutely need to take account: performance. Your app may be greatly designed or have some killer features, nobody will use it if it’s not performant. Here are some important aspects which will

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Angular 9.1 having support of TypeScript 3.8

This is a minor release of the framework and the CLI that is a drop-in replacement for 9.0 containing new features and bug fixes. Build Speed Improvements Today, the Angular libraries you use are made compatible with the Ivy compiler via our ngcc tool.

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Laravel 7.4 – The latest minor release of Laravel 7

Before we move directly to talk about 7.4 release, let’s go through each of the earlier minor releases of Laravel 7. Laravel 7.1 – Patch to Fix Potential XSS Attacks We will briefly look at the new features in the

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Three ways to use Babel with React

Babel is a JavaScript compiler that includes the ability to compile JSX into regular JavaScript. What is Babel? JavaScript transpiler. Initially, the main focus of babel is to convert ECMAScript 2015+ (ES6+) code into a backwards compatible version of JavaScript that can be

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What is Vue.nextTick?

Vue.nextTick allows you to do something after you have changed the data and VueJS has updated the DOM based on your data change, but before the browser has rendered those changed on the page. Vue.nextTick([callback, context]) immediately , DOM update

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How to use Pandas Scatter Matrix to visualize trends in data

In this post, we’ll cover scatter matrices (pair plots) using Pandas. Now, Pandas is using Matplotlib to make the scatter matrix. A scatter matrix (pairs plot) compactly plots all the numeric variables we have in a dataset against each other

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File upload with Multer using Node.js

File upload is a common operation for any applications. In Node.js, with the Express web framework and the Multer library, adding file upload feature to your app is very easy. In this blog, we are going to learn how to

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