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What are the New Features in Laravel 5.5?

Version 5.5 of Laravel is officially released! This release is jam-packed with goodies and improvements, here’s a quick summarizing the highlight features. 1. New Route Methods introduced in Laravel 5.5 Laravel 5.5 shipped a couple of convenient shortcuts to the
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Benefits of using Node.js for Business Applications

At present, as a cross-platform runtime environment, Node.js enables developers to run JavaScript on the web servers. But Node.js is different from other commonly used JavaScript frameworks. However, it is also important for the web developers to understand the major
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The future of React / ReactJS - React Fiber

Facebook is one of the world’s most powerful company and has created a framework called React.js for building web apps. React.js respectively appear to be in a battle for the future of the web, with the active online debate and adoption
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Angular 5, “pentagonal-donut” is launched! – Smaller, Faster, Easier To Use

What’s new? This is a bigger release containing new features and bug fixes. This release has the main agenda to focus on building Angular smaller, faster, and easier to use. Main Features: Hire Angular Developer from us, as we give

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