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Top 6 Angular component libraries

Angular is one of the most popularly used frameworks with best-designed practices and tools for app development companies. Angular encourages the developers to use components to split the user interface into reusable and different pieces. There are many popular Angular

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“ng-bootstrap” components to make imposing Angular 5 App

In our previous article, we had covered “ng-bootstrap components for Angular 5 apps“. Here, we will add few other important bootstrap components provided by ng-bootstrap module. Below is the components’ list followed by their detail information and example. “ng-bootstrap” Carousels
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Using “ng-bootstrap” Components in Angular 5 App

In this article, we are going to cover few bootstrap components provided by “ng-bootstrap” module in Angular 5 apps. “ng-bootstrap” Checkbox based Buttons (using ngbButton) “ng-bootstrap” Alerts (using ngb-alert) “ng-bootstrap” Progress Bar (using ngb-progressbar) In order to implement these components,
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