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What’s new in Next.js 13

As it was announced at Next.js Conf, Next.js 13 lays the foundations to be dynamic without limits: app/ Directory (beta): Easier, faster, less client JS. Layouts React Server Components Streaming Turbopack (alpha): Up to 700x faster Rust-based Webpack replacement. New next/image (stable): Faster with native browser

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Creating a Progressive Web Application using Next JS

In this article, you will learn about the progressive web app, and why PWA is gaining popularity, and also you can create a simple PWA app using NextJs. Overview Progressive Web App Project setup with NextJs PWA implementation Progressive Web

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What’s new in Next.Js

This RFC outlines the biggest update to Next.js since it was introduced in 2016: Nested Layouts: Build complex applications with nested routes. Designed for Server Components: Optimized for subtree navigation. Improved Data Fetching: Fetch in layouts while avoiding waterfalls. Using

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