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iOS Web Push Notifications

Web Push, a multi-standard notification service for time-sensitive and high-priority events will be available for Safari 16 on macOS Ventura in October. WebKit’s message alert service Web Push will soon be supported by WebKit for users of Apple devices, according

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ASP.NET Core Features in .NET 7

It is no news that Microsoft is working very hard on improving and bringing new features to the .NET framework or to its C# programming language. This time Microsoft is targeting web development and is focusing on ASP.NET Core, which will apparently come

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What’s new in Node.js 18

Node.js 18.0 is released by the Node.js community. The most wonderful news is that in October 2022, this version will be elevated to long-term support (LTS). The codename for the release will be ‘Hydrogen’ once it is promoted to long-term

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