Hodlperks – NFT Rewards

Hodlperks is a groundbreaking platform designed to enable NFT Collections to provide rewards in the form of perks to their holders based on the quantity and type of NFTs they hold. It caters to three key user roles: Holders, NFT Creators, and Super Admins. The platform revolutionizes the NFT landscape by encouraging engagement, incentivizing NFT ownership, and providing a centralized hub for managing perks and rewards.

The main objectives of Hodlperks are to develop a user-friendly platform that allows NFT Collections to reward their holders with perks, empowering NFT Creators to create and manage customized perks based on their collection’s criteria. Additionally, the aim was to enhance the NFT holder experience by providing a centralized platform for viewing and claiming perks, while also streamlining the administration and management processes for perks, collections, and users, specifically for the Super Admin.

The Hodlperks platform has three main user roles:

  • Holders: Holders are users who own NFTs from collections that are participating in the Hodlperks program. Holders can claim rewards that are offered by NFT creators.
  • NFT Creators: NFT creators are users who own NFT collections. They can create and manage perks that are offered to their holders.
  • Super Admin: The Super Admin is the administrator of the Hodlperks platform. They have the ability to manage all aspects of the platform, including adding and removing NFT collections, creating and managing perks, and managing users.
Project Name
Hodlperks – NFT Rewards
Project Type
Web 3.0
Difficulties we’ve


Hodlperks successfully overcame several challenges during its development and implementation. Firstly, the platform tackled the task of integrating multiple hot wallets like MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Coinbase, ensuring a secure and seamless connection for users. Secondly, a complex NFT scanning feature called Hodlscan was developed, utilizing subgraphs to accurately query and detect the NFTs held by wallet addresses, enabling efficient evaluation of perk eligibility.

Lastly, Hodlperks addressed the need for a comprehensive admin panel for the Super Admin role, providing an intuitive platform for efficient management of perks, collections, and users, while maintaining system integrity. These successful solutions paved the way for Hodlperks to provide a user-friendly platform that revolutionized the NFT landscape and facilitated a rewarding experience for NFT holders and creators alike.


Our Workflow


Analysis Requirement

Project Analysis & Resource Gathering regarding UI/UX and selection of font family is carried out at this stage.

Design & Development

UI design followed by the development of the application based on the UI is carried out at this stage.

Quality Check

Every APK build was passed by the rigorous quality check based on various Test Case and Use Case.

Achieved what we need

Finally the developed application was built and uploaded on App Store & Play Store.


Tech Stack which made this possible

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In conclusion, Hodlperks successfully addresses the challenges associated with NFT rewards by providing a user-friendly platform for NFT Collections to reward their holders with perks. The platform is secure, scalable, and user-friendly. We are excited about the future of Hodlperks and believe that the platform has the potential to revolutionize the way that NFT creators and holders interact with each other.


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