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Aroha Consulting Limited, a prominent recruitment company based in Auckland, NZ, specializes in providing permanent and temporary staffing solutions to early childhood centers. With a growing demand for temporary staffing, known as Relief Teaching, Aroha Consulting aims to streamline and automate their relief staffing process. Currently, the process relies on manual coordination and communication between the centers and the agency. Aroha Consulting proposes a comprehensive solution called “Aroha Connect,” a booking, scheduling, and document management application that will revolutionize the way relief staffing is managed.

The primary objective of Aroha Connect is to replace the existing manual scheduling process with an efficient and user-friendly digital platform. Additionally, the development of an admin panel will enable Aroha Consulting to manage bulk loading of relievers, create locations/regions, and set reliever’s hourly wages, among other essential administrative tasks.

Aroha Connect caters to three primary user roles: Administrator, Scheduler, and Reliever. The Administrator, through the admin panel, will have centralized control over the entire ecosystem. Depending on their respective roles, users will have access to specific functionalities within different entities of the application. This role-based access ensures smooth coordination and efficient management of relief staffing operations.

Project Name
Aroha Connect – Staffing Solution
Project Type
Mobile App
Difficulties we’ve


The development of Aroha Connect presented several challenges that tested the capabilities of our development team. One major hurdle was ensuring a proper to-and-fro of user data that seamlessly adapts to various devices, providing a hassle-free experience. Handling a large volume of user data while maintaining performance and data security was a complex task. However, our team’s technical expertise and meticulous planning enabled us to overcome these challenges and deliver a high-end efficient product.


Our Workflow


Analysis Requirement

Project Analysis & Resource Gathering regarding UI/UX and selection of font family is carried out at this stage.

Design & Development

UI design followed by the development of the application based on the UI is carried out at this stage.

Quality Check

Every APK build was passed by the rigorous quality check based on various Test Case and Use Case.

Achieved what we need

Finally the developed application was built and uploaded on App Store & Play Store.


Tech Stack which made this possible

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Aroha Connect is a groundbreaking staffing application developed by HK Infosoft to revolutionize the relief staffing process for early childhood centers in New Zealand. Through the application’s booking, scheduling, and document management functionalities, Aroha Consulting aims to enhance efficiency, reduce manual effort, and provide a seamless experience for centers and relief staff.

With Aroha Connect, the company is dedicated to supporting the growth and success of early childhood education by empowering centers and educators alike.


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