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Best lead migration plugin ever for Unbounce and Gravity Forms – U2GF

Nowadays, Lead Generation is one of the best ways used to get client prerequisite and expectations. The lead contains useful data so it is extremely valuable for developing one’s business rapidly. Unbounce and Gravity Forms are the two distinct tools doing precisely the same thing: Getting leads!

First of all, let’s understand some of the basics about both the tools.

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce makes it simple to create landing pages without a committed developer. Just drag and drop via their editor and create incredible landing pages in minutes.

What is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is a premier WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create powerful forms. One can start building complex, powerful contact forms in just minutes.

For the websites which are developed and maintained using WordPress, ‘Gravity Forms’ is the most popular form builder plugin that is used to create and display forms dynamically.

Why use both?

Now the question is, how do we manage the leads data at any single place? In general, there is no any direct way or solution approached by WordPress team so that you can manage your leads data coming out from any of your Unbounce landing pages to their associated Gravity Forms which are built and/or designed at WordPress.

Integrated solution:

Here is a quick and easy solution to migrate and manage your leads data between Unbounce and Gravity Forms which is called U2GF.

Unbounce to Gravity Forms shortly referred to as U2GF is leads integration plugin or tool for WordPress ever available in the market using which one can integrate any number of Unbounce landing pages with Gravity Forms to easily set a connection in order to obtain leads data from Unbounce and drive it through your WordPress site database.

The plugin works as a mediator that helps to fetch all the leads from Unbounce and post the data automatically to their respective Gravity Forms on WordPress side.

Everything is just dynamic! Checkout the list below.

  1. Remove the rush to create a gravity form anymore manually as it will be automatically created from your Unbounce landing page.
  2. No need to manage the form fields to get each valuable information as it’s going to create and map all fields of your Unbounce form together.
  3. Should be able to manage all leads coming from Unbounce to Gravity Form immediately.
  4. Better control to allow/disallow sending email notifications.
  5. Provided default support to all field types including Advanced.
  6. Supported third-party APIs and add-ons.

Want to try it out?

There are two possible choices of the available plugin version: Free and Pro.

What is the difference?

Feature List
Auto Lead Migration
Manage Lead Migration
GF Add-Ons Support
Auto Form Management
Send Email Notifications
Priority Support
Free Version
Pro Version

Why Pro?

Quick Connection

Connecting GF and UB is very easy through Webhook

Leads Management

Manage leads from migration as per your convenience time.

Add-On & APIs Support

Get support of unlimited GF Add-Ons and custom APIs hooks.

Easy Control Settings

Provides the best admin tool to manage settings easily.

Auto Lead Transaction

Each lead will migrate from UB automatically.

Auto Form Management

Manage GF form fields and entries respectively.

Manage Notifications

Takes control to get the email notification.

24/7 Support

We will be very happy to support you on your way.
Unbounce To Gravity Form is carefully handcrafted lead migration plugin available and very useful for WordPress website owners those who are seeking to manage their leads data at any single place as a part of the best marketing team practice. It’s built with 100% Unbounce and WordPress plugin standards. The U2GF Plugin is completely free to download and use for your personal projects.

Looking for more automation processes? Kindly upgrade to the pro version!

For Commercial use, we recommend you to checkout U2GF Pro version, which includes various useful features including priority support.

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