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A great team well organized and great work and communication!
Adam S, Canada
Thanks to HK Infosoft. Very professional communication and fast delivery.
Posh Weerasiriwat, USA
HK Infosoft delivered great work for us. Looking forward to working with them on our next project!
Anca Sercau, Romania
Outstanding research, communication and understanding. I would recommend HK Infosoft to anyone. Really happy client. They did a task that 2 other developers could not do. Great work.
Leah, Australia
HK Infosoft did a fantastic job. The project was completed on time and within budget. The communication given at the end of each day was excellent. The project was completed to the specifications given and minimal modifications were required. We look forward to working with them again.
Tim, USA
HK Infosoft was dedicate to my project, and delivered the project in time with high standards! Thank you so much!
Nir, Israel
Very prompt, efficient & quality work! will work with HK Infosoft again for sure!
Alan Blake, Australia
As always, I appeal to HK Infosoft and I am super satisfied!, super prices!, super fast!, and super quality of work. I highly recommend – José Bonjour.
Addixis Consulting S.L., Madrid, Spain
HK Infosoft surpassed my expectations in every area – vast knowledge, great suggestions, good communicator, and of the highest integrity. Knowing my project was in safe hands was extremely reassuring!
Craig Townsend, Owner - MindTraining.net, Australia
HK Infosoft, delivered to the expectation. Right on time and budget. Looking forward to work with them again.
Chandan, Founder - Infobit Solution, Delhi, India
Amazing! Great effort! Really knows what he’s doing and when the going gets tough he’s willing to put in whats needed just to get the job done.. got me out of a bind! I’m so grateful! Thanks again!
Matthew Sussman, President, Sussman Consultants - USA
A brilliant guy, and a new friend. Piyush is fluent in English and he has a fantastic understanding of PHP. He is technically perfect. He comes highly recommended as his communication is great, I was always aware of the progress of my project, everything was completed perfectly with minimal involvement from my part. I cannot recommend Piyush enough – 10/10.
Nikki Kostyun, Partner, seventhirtythree.com
Exactly what was needed. Great work and communication.
Kenny Lowe, cre8iveblock.com
Prompt communication, professional approach. Understands the task. Good research and study of existing code. Excellent results. Thanks so much for the quality work.
Stan Zhekov, Owner - reverd.com (reverse phone lookup), Canada
A pleasure to work with — great communication, did a great job and was very helpful — highly recommended!
Anthony Caruso, USA
Amazing, looking forward to work with you again!
SurRainbow, Australia
Good to work with Piyush. He is diligent and happy to work through to a projects completion and we will be doing more work together in future.
John While, New Zealand
HK Infosoft was wonderful to work with and easy to communicate with. I would definitely hire them again.
Kevin Haberer, USA
This is one of the best php guy out there. He did all the task perfect, the last task was design related, and asked if there was anything more he could do. Yes i had some problems with a login field in chrome. And he used most of the next day working on this extra task, and now i m very satisfied with all the work done. And i would like to use him in a project later this month.
David Johannessen, K-Town, Denmark
Great company experience to work with HK Infosoft. Did work as specified and everything worked as expected. Thank you!
Unic Max, englishinstitute.edu.es - Spain
This guy is amazing! He’s an expert programmer, done a quality job in time. I recommend to everyone!
Todor Csaba – Sándor, Founder, AutoGuru.ro