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Top 6 Angular component libraries


Angular is one of the most popularly used frameworks with best-designed practices and tools for app development companies. Angular encourages the developers to use components to split the user interface into reusable and different pieces. There are many popular Angular component libraries available in the market that can help the Angular development companies create a robust application for their clients.

In this blog, we will go through some of the most popular Angular component libraries that one can use in 2021.

Why Use Angular Component Libraries?

Angular components are created by using Angular and TypeScript. These components are implemented with Google’s material design. It also enables the Angular developers to split the UI into various pieces. Some of the fantastic aspects that make developers use Angular component library are –

  • Modular Architecture

The components in Angular are created in a similar manner to the modules. It properly depends on the developers on which to use and when to use it.

  • Responsive

The Angular component libraries are very responsive in nature, making it crucial for website designing & development.

  • User-friendly

Angular component libraries are user-friendly and are built in a lightweight manner. It is effortless to learn and use for any Angular developer.

1. NGX Bootstrap

NGX Bootstrap is one of the most popular open-source Angular components. It gives vastness in bootstrap capabilities and helps developers utilize it on the next Angular app development project for their clients.

NGX Bootstrap has scored 5.2k stars by the GitHub community.

Features of NGX Bootstrap

  • Flexible

AngularJS developers of the ngx-bootstrap team put effort into creating ngx-bootstrap modular, which can help the development companies implement their own whatnot, styles, and templates. All the Angular components are designed by keeping adaptivity and extensibility in mind. They can work efficiently on Desktop and Mobile platforms with the same performance level.

  • Good Documentation

NGX Bootstrap offers well-written documentation that can significantly help AngularJS developers ease their work to improve software quality. The team at ngx-bootstrap provides easy to understand and complete documentation.

  • Tinker-friendly Code

NGX Bootstrap has incorporated a set of guidelines that can help in enhancing the code readability and maintainability.

Components of NGX Bootstrap

  • Collapse
  • Typehead
  • Collapse
  • Alerts
  • Carousel
  • Accordion

2. NG Bootstrap

The NG Bootstrap is a popular Angular development bootstrap component. It has around 7.6k stars on GitHub. When working with NG Bootstrap, there is no need to use third-party JS dependencies. It is also used for high-testing coverage.

Features of NG Bootstrap

  • Widgets

The NG bootstrap offers widgets like modal, tablet, rating, and tooltip.

  • Accessible

The NG bootstrap offers unique widgets and gives complete access to them. The NG bootstrap team uses HTML elements and attributes that can help AngularJS app development companies create robust applications. This library also provides focus management work and keyboard navigation.

  • Quality

The team at NG bootstrap tests the code with 100% convergence and reviews all the changes.

  • Team

There is a bootstrap/angular-UI team created for developing widgets and also has many core Angular contributors.

  • Carousel
  • Popover
  • Typehead
  • Model
  • Tooltip
  • Datepicker

3. Teradata Covalent UI Platform

Teradata is a UI platform created on Angular and Angular-Material. It comes with solutions that are a combination of the comprehensive web framework and proven design language. It even gives a quick start to the AngularJS developers in creating a modern web application. Teradata Covalent scores 2.2k GitHub scores.

Angular Command-line interface enables the developers to work with Angular-material and create, deploy, & test the application. It offers simplified stepper, file upload, user interface layout, custom web components, expansion panels, and more testing tools for both end-to-end tests and unit tests.

Features of Teradata

  • Angular-material components
  • Utilities
  • eCharts

Components of Teradata

  • Base layout
  • Manage list
  • Expansion panels
  • Virtual scrolling
  • Stepper
  • Loading
  • Breadcrumbs

4. Nebular

Nebular is an Angular 8 UI library that focuses on the brand’s adaptability and design. It has four visual themes that have support for custom CSS properties. This library is based on the Eva Design System. Nebular holds few security modules and around 40+ UI components. Some of these components are stated below. Besides this, it also has 6.7k starts in the GitHub community.

Features of Nebular

  • Server-side rendering
  • High-quality Angular components
  • Visual themes

Components of Nebular

  • Infinite list
  • Sidebar
  • Layout
  • Context menu
  • Tooltip
  • Window
  • Global Search
  • Checkbox

5. Clarity

Clarity is an open-source Angular component that acts as a bridge between the HTML framework and Angular components. Clarity is the best platform for both software developers and designers.

Clarity library offers implemented data-bound components and a well-structured option to the Angular development service providers. It also owns 6.1k GitHub stars.

Features of Clarity

  • Product-based

The Clarity team offers an understanding and easy-to-use platform that helps the developers solve a vast array of challenges.

  • Reliable

It is the most reliable platform as it provides a high bar of quality.

  • Rapid Development

Clarity is designed in a way that makes communication and collaboration of expertise very easy and rapid.

  • Evolving

With new technologies and techniques coming into the picture, Clarity keeps on evolving.

Components of Clarity

  • Login page
  • Progress bars
  • Toggle Switches
  • Wizard
  • Signpost
  • Grid
  • Alert
  • Password

6. Onsen UI

Onsen UI is a component library that is one of the most used by the Angular development service company for creating mobile web apps for Android and iOS using JavaScript. It has 8.2 stars in the GitHub community.

Onsen UI is a library that comes with development tools and powerful CLI with Monaca. The main benefits of Onsen UI are its UI components that can easily be plugged into the mobile application.

Features of Onsen UI

  • Supports Monaca

Monaca is a cross-platform used for creating hybrid apps, and Onsen UI performs very well with it.

  • Native Look

It provides ready-to-use components like toolbar, forms, side menu, and much more to give a native look. Besides this, Onsen UI also supports Android and iOS material design, making the appearance and style of the application look according to the selected platform.

  • Optimized Performance

The new version of Onsen UI is now enabled to provide optimized performance without slowing up the process.

  • Easy to Learn

Despite being a powerful tool to develop a mobile application, it is straightforward to learn and use.

  • Zero-time Setup

Onsen UI allows the developer to work with technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. These are the technologies that they might already know, so it would take zero-time to get started with the tool.

Components of Onsen UI

  • Carousel
  • Conditional
  • Controls
  • Dialog
  • Form
  • Gesture
  • Menu
  • List
  • Navigation
  • Tabbar

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