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Top 5 JavaScript trends to adopt in 2021


As the world leans more towards digital technologies, as more businesses focus on online and physical presence, and as content continues to dominate, web development becomes even more essential.

Accordingly, one of the best programming languages for better frontend development is JavaScript. That’s why, today, we want to show you some of the top JavaScript trends that can help boost your web application’s success.

Dark Mode

Dark mode has been one of the recent web development trends that have been blowing up everywhere. As a result, almost all popular apps can switch to a dark mode or stick with the standard light mode.

Moreover, since it uses less color and brightness, the dark mode also helps preserve the battery and makes it last longer. Some people also claim that dark selection can be beneficial for specific visual impairments. For web designers, the dark mode also allows them to use colors more creatively, as the black background of the dark option can help colors stand out even more.

Using this script snippet results in the widget appearing on your site automatically so that users can conveniently switch between their preferred themes. The plugin is relatively lightweight, and since it uses local storage, it will remember and save the last chosen theme.


Another JavaScript trend that remains on top for a few years and is gradually garnering more popularity is React.js. React is an open source, frontend, and entirely free JavaScript library for developing smooth and effective user interfaces, especially for single-page apps.

Facebook developed the React library several years ago and has built it into one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for frontend developers. In 2020, 80% of front-end developers were using React only. In addition, many companies like WhatsApp and Airbnb have taken on this library as well.

The reason behind this is that React offers a lot of convenience and benefits for today’s developers. The programming library is easy to learn and even easier to use. It comes with many tutorials and documents explaining how to utilize the library best.

If you are already skilled in JavaScript, picking up React will be no trouble at all, and you will find yourself easily using it within a few days. React also comes with a lot of reusable components, which are a lifesaver for any developer.

The JavaScript framework uses small user interface components, which you can use to create more prominent parts or reuse again to save your time and efforts. All the pieces have their logic, and they can control their rendering, which allows you to use them again wherever and whenever you need them quickly.

Convenience is important to me. It helps me navigate the flow more efficiently. How about you?

All this makes it easy to develop and maintain apps. In addition, since you are reusing the same essential components, you can keep your projects’ same feel and look. Other popular libraries besides React include Angular, Vue, and Svelte.


A better user experience does not just include a smooth and fast website. It also contains a unique and creatively designed website and what better way to show off your creativity than through animations.

Animations can make your website visually striking and keep visitors hooked on your page. They can help differentiate your website from all the usual static websites. If you think you need to go out and do some special courses on animation, we’ve got some good news.

JavaScript has several libraries that allow you to integrate animations on your website easily. These libraries include anime.js and JSTweener. You can input these into your website code, customize the code, and voila! Your animations are ready.

Data Visualization

Especially if you are running a business or have a product checkout page on your website, employing data visualization tools can significantly help you in many ways. First, it can improve the user interface and experience by filling out fields quickly and accurately.

As a result, the whole checkout experience for visitors and potential customers becomes much more accessible and makes them more willing to follow through on their purchases. Due to all these benefits, data visualization is a big trend within JavaScript for business and marketing purposes.

All you need is a little <input />

One specific library that is quite useful is Algolia Places. It allows you to create much more efficient forms, which help inaccurate data input and quick form filling. In addition, you can incorporate a map that will conveniently display a specific location for better data visualization.

Algolia Places uses OpenStreetMap’s extensive database and is incredibly fast to use. In addition, it can handle some typing mistakes and simplifies the entire checkout process for users.

Full-Screen Videos

Incorporating full-screen videos on your webpage is one of the most popular JavaScript trends developers utilize these days. Again, rather than creating an essential static website, incorporating dynamic videos and GIFs can help make your website more interactive and offer a better user experience.

A better user experience, then, can help drive more traffic to your website, making it easy to push your content, raise awareness about your brand and increase your ROI for your marketing and business objectives. But, how can you add full-screen videos to your website?

JavaScript offers a great resource: Bideo.js. This library makes it super easy to add full-screen videos to your website’s background. While it takes a while to load, you do not have to write endless code to incorporate the video smoothly.

The library has everything you need to add the videos along with several customization options quickly. The code works great for screens of all sizes and various platforms as well. This JavaScript tool can help play high-quality and engaging videos smoothly in the background, whether a computer or mobile. You can resize the video according to the browser, and it is also easy to implement using CSS or HTML.

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