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Angular 5, “pentagonal-donut” is launched! – Smaller, Faster, Easier To Use


What’s new?

This is a bigger release containing new features and bug fixes. This release has the main agenda to focus on building Angular smaller, faster, and easier to use.

Main Features:

  • Build Optimizer
  • Angular Universal State Transfer API and DOM Support
  • Compiler Improvements
    1. TypeScript Transforms
    2. Preserve Whitespace
  • Improved Decorator Support
  • Internationalized Number, Date, and Currency Pipes
  • Replace the ReflectiveInjector with StaticInjector
  • Zone speed improvements
  • exportAs
  • HttpClient
  • CLI v1.5
  • Angular Forms adds updateOn Blur / Submit
    1. Template Driven Forms
    2. Reactive Forms
  • RxJS 5.5
  • New Router Lifecycle Events

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